Thomas Jepp

About me

I'm Thomas - a software developer and devops engineer from the UK who's passionate about computers, technology, and science in just about all forms. I started writing code at about 6 or 7 years old - on an Atari ST and DOS PCs, and haven't been able to stop ever since!

Personal interests

In my spare time, I'm quite busy in online communities - technical, and otherwise!

My interests include:

  • Photography - particularly plants, motorsport, and astrophotography
  • Motorsports - especially Formula 1 and the Williams F1 team
  • Electronics and hardware design
  • Gaming, especially retro gaming (think GameCube and older!)

I'm also a strong advocate for self-hosting - if you have the time, it is an excellent way to learn new things, it is often cheaper, and gives much more control over your data and your privacy.

Professional experience

I currently run a development team writing web applications for the hospitality industry, but I have experience with many industries and technologies.

My main technologies of interest currently are:

  • AWS, particularly involving containerised or serverless apps
  • Infrastructure-as-Code tooling, such as Terraform, OpenTF, Pulumi, and the AWS CDK
  • Linux platforms, including Docker and Podman
  • PHP
  • Python 3
  • .NET and C#
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL and MariaDB

I also have experience with:

  • Desktop app development for Windows using C/C++/C#
  • ASP.NET on Linux and Windows Server
  • Small and medium business networking

Starting at a young age with older technology has given me a wide pool of knowledge to draw from when designing, writing, and debugging software & hardware problems.

Contact me

If you want to get in touch, I'm available by email at

My PGP key fingerprint is: ADF85A24 A73E95DF ED2756A0 C4424E87 16CD1479

Why so much blue?

I like blue.